Used UTECO DIAMOND HP 108 of 2011 for sale

2011 | Ref.: 300039901

10 Colours CI Flexo Printing Machines UTECO, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.
The Uteco Diamond flexo press is a high quality printing machine commonly used in the flexible packaging printing industry. The Uteco Diamond is characterized by its precision and ability to print with great detail, making it one of the most advanced and versatile flexographic printers on the market. Key features of the Uteco Diamond include: Automatic registration system: This system allows the machine to make precise adjustments during printing to ensure accurate alignment of the different colors in the design. HD printing technology: The Uteco Diamond's HD printing technology allows images to be printed at a much higher resolution than traditional flexographic printers, which means that designs can be more detailed and realistic. Advanced drying system: The Uteco Diamond uses an advanced drying system that allows the ink to dry quickly after printing, ensuring that print quality is not compromised. Wide range of substrates: The Uteco Diamond can print on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastics and films. Quick Cylinder Change System: The Uteco Diamond features a quick cylinder change system that allows printing cylinders to be changed in a matter of minutes, meaning downtime is reduced to a minimum. In summary, the Uteco Diamond flexo press is a high-tech and versatile machine that is capable of printing detailed and realistic designs on a wide variety of substrates.

Data Sheet of Used UTECO DIAMOND HP 108

Ref.: 300039901

Year: 2011

Brand: UTECO

For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Printing Width: 1500 mm
  • Web Width: 1550 mm
  • Printing Repeat (Max): 870 mm
  • Printing Repeat (Min): 420 mm
  • Drying System: Gas
  • System: Gearless

Other Specifications:

DT-U1000" rewinder and unwinder
Shafts: mm76 and 152 mm
Automatic register BST
Automatic washing system
KISS-AND-GO of Grafikontrol
Grafikontrol 100x100 Defect Check
Carrier no. 10
Doctor blades: n. 10+2
Ink tanks: n. 10 +1
Print speed up to 600 mt/min

1x 130
1x 160
2x 260
1x 320
1x 420
10x anilox several dimensions (in not very good shape)

10x 420
10x 500
10x 660
10x 510
6x 600
6x 450
6x 490
6x 670
6x 690
6x 760

253A installed

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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10 Colours CI Flexo Printing Machines - UTECO - DIAMOND HP 108 - Ref.300039901

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