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Used Drawtape bag making machine: LEMO RO 1100 DB/ZB of 2004

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Drawtape bag making machine - LEMO - RO 1100 DB/ZB

Data Sheet of Used LEMO RO 1100 DB/ZB

Ref.: 300041062

Brand: LEMO

Year: 2004

Other Specifications:

Sealing and slitting width : max 1100mm
Draw length min-max : 200-2200mm
Web speed : 140m/min
Mechanical output max : 125 cycles/min - 250 seals/min max
Small reel winding width min-max : 150-500mm
Small reel diameter max : 150mm
Reel change without wrapper max : 20 changes/min
Reel change with wrapper max : 18 changes/min
Bag width (feed) min-max : 300-1100mm (in tandem operation) // 300-2200mm (with a sealing station)
Bag height min-max : 600-1100mm
Edge fold : 50-60mm
Wrapper width : 30-100mm
Drawtape width : 25mm, double fold (original tape width is 100mm)
Drawtape reel diameter max : 800mm
Drawtape thickness : 0.025mm, HDPE film
The drawtape film has to be made of an HDPE film covered with a colour contrast to be picked up by a photo-electric cell. The drawtape film has to be made of new material, no regenerate.
Hole diameter (drawtape) : 50mm
Hole diameter (vent) : 4mm

Material data : (see picture)

This machine doesn’t have many hours of operation, it was always used as back-up to the main machine