Used VOLPAK S-240 DF of 2005 for sale

2005 | Ref.: 300041131

Filler for pouches VOLPAK, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.

Data Sheet of Used VOLPAK S-240 DF

Ref.: 300041131

Year: 2005


For sale

Delivery time: From date

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output: 6000 U/h
  • Volume: 0.3 l

Other Specifications:

Volpak S-240 DF pouch filling machine, year 2005

Width x Height x Whole Bottom
Min. pouch size: 50 x 70 x 25 mm
Max. pouch size: 120 x 240 x 80 mm
Max Volume: 300 cm3

Pouch opening: straw
The machine is duplex

Speed: 120-180 p/min

Reel dimensions:
Width: max 560mm
Diameter: Max. 500/600mm
Core: 75 ± 1 mm or 152 ± 1 mm

Machine is still in the production hall, but not in use.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown in dry cycle

Availability: From date


Final Products: Still Products (Juices Nectars Teas and Isotonics), Tomato Sauce

Used Materials: Bags and Pouches

Processes: Filling

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Filler for pouches - VOLPAK - S-240 DF - Ref.300041131

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