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Used Stretch film extrusion line: COLINES AllrollEx 1500 of 2017

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Stretch film extrusion line - COLINES - AllrollEx 1500

Data Sheet of Used COLINES AllrollEx 1500

Ref.: 300041714


Year: 2017

Other Specifications:

5 layers coextrusion cast film line for the production of stretch film for hand, machine and jumbo rolls
Structure film ACBCD
Extruders 3x 55/34 mm with gravimetric system 2 components, 1x120/30 mm with gravimetric system 4 components
Flat extrusion die Cloeren 2050 mm
Single chamber vacuum box
Electrostatic edge pinning
Diam of chill roll 1400 mm
Suction device for trimmed edge with Bigmouth with milling and transport complete with re-feeding system placed in the extruder 120 mm (extruder C)
Automatic rewinder ALLSPEEDY III, 3 shafts turret winding unit
Thickness control system Electronic System X ray
Rolls format 3x500 mm, 3x 450 mm, 2x750 mm,6x250 mm, 5x300 mm
Thickness 10-35 my
Diam of finished roll with 2" airshaft: 80-150 mm
Diam of finished roll with 3" airshaft: up to 400 mm

Mechanical speed 800 mt/min
Total gross capacity 1200 kg/h
Production at 23my ,525 mt/min, 3x500 mm, 1000 kg/h
Reel change cycle 25 sec