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Used Moulds for Extrusion Blow Moulding: AUTOMA Mould 10 LT Stackable Jerrycan of

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Moulds for Extrusion Blow Moulding - AUTOMA - Mould 10 LT Stackable Jerrycan

Data Sheet of Used AUTOMA Mould 10 LT Stackable Jerrycan

Ref.: 300042307


Other Specifications:

1x MOULDS 2 cavities for 10 LT Stackable Jerrycan

10 Lt jerrycan weight 420 gr

- N°1 moulds 2 cav. CD=320 mm
Made in steel with shell cooling system
Mould Dimesions Length 690mm, Heigth 525mm, Total thickness 230+230=460mm
Mouvement system mould for stackable bottles through hydarulic cylinders
- N°2 males and dies SFDR
- N°2 Pin blows
- N°2 masks water/air upper post cooling with pin for neck calibration

These moulds have been built with the future possibility of been installed for single cavity (becoming 2 single moulds).
Neck can be modified according to buyer closure's needs.
Price per cavity