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Used BOBST CL 750D of 2017 for sale

Laminators BOBST, The team at MachinePoint is constantly looking for the best offer of machinery all over the world in order to offer our clients attractive and quality machinery.

Data Sheet of Used BOBST CL 750D

Ref. : 300042876

Year: 2017

Brand: BOBST

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Type Of Laminator:Solvent and Solventless

Working Width: 1325 mm


Unwinder Diameter: 1020 mm

Rewinder Diameter: 1020 mm

Drying System:Oil burner

Mechanical Speed: 450 m/min

Wax Unit:No

Hot Melt Unit:No

Other Specifications:

Set for solvent based solvent less and water based adhesives coating system.
-Rotogravure including cold seal coating in register on pre-printed material.
-Flexo (five rolls system) and solventless bicomponent mixer from VEA

The total production hours hasn’t reach 15000 hours yet

Mechanical speed max 450 m/min
Web width min- max : 400-1350 mm
Coating width max : 1325 mm
Heating indirect by thermal oil with detecting/control of solvent concentration
Idle rollers made of special anti-corrosion aluminum alloy

Materials :
Primary unwinder
BOPP min 12 µm, max 50 µm
PET min 12 µm, max 50 µm
OPA min 15 µm, max 50 µm
PE min 30 µm, max 200 µm
NYLON CAST min 30 µm, max 80 µm
CPP min 60 µm, max 150 µm
Aluminium min 7 µm, max 20 µm
Paper/Laminates min 40 g/m2, max 80 g/m2

Secondary unwinder
BOPP min 12 µm, max 50 µm
PET min 12 µm, max 50 µm
PE min 20 µm, max 150 µm
CPP min 20 µm, max 150 µm
NYLON CAST min 20 µm, max 80 µm
Aluminium min 7 µm, max 20 µm
Paper/laminates min 40 g/m2, max 80 g/m2

Rewinder : Laminates max 250 g/m2

Simplex primary & secondary unwinder and Rewinder motorized drum with web edge sensor, shaftless type, bidirectional, Unwinders diameter 1020mm - max reel weight 1000 kg and dancer roll Safety check for reel locking.

Bonding section composed of lamination pressure roller antistatic against heated stainless steel drum (equipped with 1 heating unit from Frigo, controllable temperature) and 1 cooling drum.

Drying tunnel:
Flat web passage, 2 ventilation chambers each with a length of 3 m, for a total of 6 m. It opens from the bottom side.

Corona treater:
Primary unwinder integrated corona treater from MERO, control through screen: reading and parameters setting. The corona unit is suitable for conductive and non-conductive materials.

Coating unit:
Sleeve type pressure roller,
Solvent/fumes captured by fan and exhaust duct from the tie rod of the coating unit and through movable hoods.

A- Trolley for rotogravure coating with Doctor blade and sleeve coating cylinder:
- finished of turning (not engraved)
- 1 sleeve/cylinder holder shaft complete with cones and bushings according to sleeve Bobst standard design.

B- Solventless trolley equipped with software for the speed curve of machine:
The supply includes a solvent-less trolley composed of:
*1 solventless coating cylinder made of chromium-plated steel
*2 metering cylinders made of chromium plated steel
2 heating units Frigo circulated by water:
1 for metering cylinders
1 for coating cylinder
*1 rubber-covered transfer cylinder, sleeve type.

Equipment for cold seal coating (register From Bobst, model Registron S5100 + INKING SYSTEM sleeve/cylinder holder shaft complete with cones and bushings)
The equipment of cold-seal is different from the rotogravure equipment.

Electric panels:
1 touch screen for each primary and secondary unwinders, rewinder and coating unit.
1 main control panel, with one touch screen 22”
AC vector drives & motors and PLC by SIEMENS.

Availability of spare parts and sleeves total of 33 rubber sleeves.
Instruction book and manuals for auxiliary equipment and machine drawings are available.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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