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Used Injection moulding machine for PET preforms: HUSKY GL 300 of 2003

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Injection moulding machine for PET preforms - HUSKY - GL 300

Data Sheet of Used HUSKY GL 300

Ref. : 300042987

Brand: HUSKY

Year: 2003

Other Specifications:

Husky injection molding machine for preforms from 2003

GL 300 PET - P100/120 E140

Offer includes:

Cooling Robot by Cool Jet Model FSI200GL300
MB Conveyor
Dehumidifier for PET granulate type DR224HT with a 7000-litre tank and a dedicated pump type P7FC3 for raw material transport
Dehumidifier in the mould space type DS1200
Soft Drop system for packing preforms into containers
Process cooling booster pump, Calpeda N65/250BE-R

System in perfect working condition

Available immediately!

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