Used ENGEL INSERT 200V/80 of 2012 for sale

2012 | Ref.: 300043048

Injection molding machine up to 250 T ENGEL, The team at MachinePoint will accompany you through the whole process of buying the machine.

Data Sheet of Used ENGEL INSERT 200V/80

Ref.: 300043048

Year: 2012

Brand: ENGEL

For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Clamping Force: 80 ton
  • Distance Between Tie-Bars (H): 1130 mm
  • Distance Between Tie-Bars (V): 625 mm
  • Screw Diameter: 25 mm
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Mould Thickness (Min): 450 mm
  • Opening Stroke (Max): 357 mm
  • Ejector Force: 2.03943242595586 ton
  • Ejector Stroke: 105 mm
  • Core Pulls: Yes
  • Number Of Core Pulls: 1
  • Screw Speed: 480 rpm
  • Injection Volume: 69 cm³
  • Injection Pressure: 2090 bar
  • Injection Rate: 104 cm³/s
  • Nozzle Force (Max): 2.88579688272754 ton
  • Nozzle Stroke (Max): 530 mm
  • Heating Zones: 13

Other Specifications:

Brand: Engel
Model: Insert 200V/80
Clamping force: 80Ton/ 800kN
Opening stroke: 357mm
Screw Diameter: 25mm
Shot Volume: 69
Mould thickness(min/max): 450min
Injection rate: 104cm^3/s
Distance between tie-bars:1130 x 625 mould plate
Euromap: 200/80
Control: EC-200

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Disconnected. Can't be seen in running condition

Availability: Immediate

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Injection molding machine up to 250 T - ENGEL - INSERT 200V/80 - Ref.300043048

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