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Other Machines - MAXIMATOR - DSD 500

Data Sheet of Used MAXIMATOR DSD 500

Ref.: 300043927


Year: 2005

Other Specifications:

4 x MAXIMATOR dosing systems for sale
Info and price for 1 Piece (2005 model)
Other models can be sent upon request (2x year 1999, 1 x year 2002)

MAXIMATOR ® Dosing system with automatic throttle in special design
Type DSD500 with 2 boosters model DLE30-75-2-GUC to increase the
capacity to 27 kg/h of CO2

The dosing system is a self-contained operational unit.

The system consists of:
· 2 pces. Gas boosters
· Proportional valve
· Mass flow regulation
· Automatic throttle
· Switch-over device

Function principle
This dosing system for inert gases DSD500 permits the exact proportioning of inert gases in an
extruder or other plastic processing machines. The DSD500 consists of a booster system with
two gas boosters and a mass flow regulating device. The mass is measured very exactly and
independently on pressure, temperature and type of gas. A high dynamic regulating valve
adapts the dosing automatically to the pressure conditions inside the extruder or the injection
molding machine.

Main characteristic features
· Exact mass flow regulation for all inert gases, independently on pressure and temperature conditions
· Automatic adjustment to the extruder pressure the extruder reduces start-up processes
· A high dynamic regulating valve reacts in shortest time to process changes
· Easy operation via PLC
· Automatic throttle

Advantages when using technical gases as agents
· Physically and chemically inert
· Environmental friendly
· Low gas consumption during foaming
· Cost efficient

The gas is compressed to the required pressure by means of a MAXIMATOR gas booster.
The maximum pressure is limited to 500 bar.
Example: Booster ON 400 bar / Booster OFF 480 bar
When using CO2 from cylinders with ascending pipe, the MAXIMATOR booster as a piston
pump would reach an essentially higher flow capacity.
The mass of the gas is regulated through a 3/3 proportional valve. The pressure difference is
kept via throttle at a constant level.

MAXIMATOR Gas booster
Pressure ratio : 1 : 150
Drive pressure : Min. 4 bar, Max. 11 bar
Flow capacity CO2 with cylinder with ascending pipe : Max. 18 k/h
Flow capacity CO2 with a standard cylinder
Inlet pressure 55 bar – CO2 in gas condition : Max. 3.5 kg/h

Flow capacity N2 with a standard cylinder
Inlet pressure 200 bar to remaining pressure 20 bar : Max. 3.5 kg/h

PLC : Siemens S7-200
Dosing data - Mass flow : Min. 0.1 kg/h, Max. 27 kg/h of CO2
Pmax at the outlet : 420 bar
Gases : CO2
Compressed air : 4-11 bar
Air consumption : approx. 800 lN/min