Used COLINES ALLrollEX 1500 of 2014 for sale

Stretch film extrusion line COLINES, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.

Data Sheet of Used COLINES ALLrollEX 1500

Ref. : 300044201

Year: 2014


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Layers no.: 3

Web Width: 1500 mm

Other Specifications:

3 Layer Coextrusion line for the production of hand and machine streetch Film


Raw material 100% LLDPE - Butene, Hexene, Octene, Metallocene MFI, in any case compatible with stretch film production
Film useful width: 3 x 500 mm
Thickness min-max of film: 8 micron to 35 micron
Thickness tolerance:
+/- 4% from 10 to 20 micron
+/- 3% from 20 to 35 micron

General characteristics of cores
Max. tolerance of the cores inner diameter: 0 / + 0,3 mm
2" cardboard cores resistance: N/100 mm >1300
3" cardboard cores resistance: N/100 mm >2400
Max. moisture of cardboard cores 8%
Diameter of finished rolls with 2" air-shafts: 80-150 mm
Max. diameter of finished rolls with 3" air-shafts up to 260 mm
Diameter of cast cylinder: 960 mm
Max. mechanical seed of the line: 800 m/min
Capacity of each extruder diam. 120 mm with LLDPE about 650 kg/h
Capacity of each extruder diam. 55 mm with LLDPE about 140 kg/h
Real change cycle of Winder down to min 15 sec
Total gross capacity about 930 kg/h

3 Gravimetric dosing system of no.3 components for each extruder (A-B-C)
Single screw extrduer diam. 120 mm L/D ratio 30 (B) with a.c. torque motor from Baumueller
2 Single screw extruders diam. 55 mm L/D ratio 34 (A-C) with a.c. torque motors from Baumueller
3 pressure and temperature transducers
3 screen changers for extruders from BD Plast
Framework for supporting the extruders
3 conveyors for extruders
3-layer fixed geometry feed-block and automatic flat die from EDI
Dual chamber vacuum box from AMWIL
Electrostatic edge pinning device
Chill-roll unit with a cylinder diam. 960 mm
Suction device for trimmed edges BIGMOUTH, complete with re-feeding system in the extruder diam. 120 mm
Side-slip device from E-L
Haul-off unit with automatic longitudinal cutting of trimmed edges
Automatic winder ALLSPEEDY II, 3-shaft (2" and 3") turret winding unit for the production of hand and machine reels
Electric control system with teleservice and Human Machine Interface
Accessories and electric, pneumatic, oil hydraulic connections
Equipment for thickness measuring system

Thermorefrigerating plant for water cooling included

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 630 Kw

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