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Used Injection moulding machine for PET preforms: NETSTAL Synergy 2400-2550 of 2005

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Injection moulding machine for PET preforms - NETSTAL - Synergy 2400-2550

Data Sheet of Used NETSTAL Synergy 2400-2550

Ref.: 300044240


Year: 2005

Other Specifications:

Used Netstal injection molding machine SynErgy 2400-2550

Year: 2005
Resin Dryer: Piovan GP35 - Year 2005
Hopper: Piovan DSN523HE - Year 2005
Mold Dehumidifier: Eisbar
Soft Drop: NOT Included
Dosing Unit: NOT Included
Color Mixer: NOT Included
Mould: possibility to purchase it at extra price

Machine in working condition