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Used Bottom weld bags on the roll: PAL PLAS PL28BWDFA-V of 2020

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Bottom weld bags on the roll - PAL PLAS - PL28BWDFA-V

Data Sheet of Used PAL PLAS PL28BWDFA-V

Ref.: 300044299


Year: 2020

Other Specifications:

Apron & Bag on roll machine in Excellent condition – only used for 7 months
Cutting length : 500 ~ 1500mm ( max)
Cutting width : 100-660mm x 1 (flat bag); max 450mm x 1 (appron bag)
Cutting thickness : 0.012-0.15mm
Speed : 30 - 110 times/min (flat bag); 50-60times/min (appron bag)
Length tolerance : ±1mm
Servo motor drive length controlled
Inverter speed controlled

Standard accessories:

1. Sealing device
2. Perforating/cutting device
3. Outfeeding device
4. Infeeding device
5. Apron punching device
6. Auto-tension control device
7. Auto-rewinder device (corless)
8. Rear feeding sensor
9. Printing photocell (sick, germany)
10. Obstacle sensor
11. Auto-stopping device in case of insufficient temperature/bag jams
12. Auto-stopping device in case of bag break on rewinder/no material
13. Safety cover with limit switch (CE)
14. Double triangle folding device

Many spares parts and spare Apron mould worth USD $10,000