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Used Other Dairy Machine Type: MIROMATIC MDA 1-3/5/10 of 1996

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Other Dairy Machine Type - MIROMATIC - MDA 1-3/5/10

Data Sheet of Used MIROMATIC MDA 1-3/5/10

Ref.: 300044495


Year: 1996

Other Specifications:

Miromatic MDA 1-3/5/10

Year 1996

For buckets 3, 5 und 10 kg
With plastic handle

Capacity aprox 250 buckets / h at 10 kg format

Roll conveyors approx. 1,5 m long for the filled buckets
PLC Siemens S5

H2O2 Sterilisation with HEPA Filter laminar flow

New motor is installed June 2023

The machine was in production till June 2023