Used GENERAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT K4000-1250 of 2007 Web Width: 1250 mm for sale

2007 | Ref.: 300044571

Metallizer GENERAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.

Data Sheet of Used GENERAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT K4000-1250

Ref.: 300044571

Year: 2007



Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Web Width: 1250 mm
  • Maximum Reel Diameter: 1000 mm
  • · WINDER: 1000
  • Film Speed: 600 m/min
  • Diffusion Pumps: 17500
  • Roots Blowers: 4035

Other Specifications:

BOPP 10 to 50 um
PET 9 to 50 um
CPP 20 to 40 um
LDPE 25 to 50 um
Nylon 12 to 50 um
UPVO 20 to100 um
PAPER 60 to 100GSM

Maximum width 1250 mm
Minimum width 625 mm
Maximum line speed 840 mt/min

Winding specification
Maximum winding tension 274 N
Minimum winding tension 23 N
Maximum drum tension 658 N

Roll specification
Maximum diameter unwinder 1000 mm
Maximum diameter rewinder 1000 mm
Core diameter (internal) 152 mm

Evaporation Boats : 14 : Size – 150x35x10 MM

Pumping Systems
2 x diffusion pumps 17500 L/Sec
2 x rotary pumps 755m3/h
2 x roots pumps 4035m3/h
1 x boosters pumps 9720m3/h
1 x cryogenic panel PFC 1100-HC

Coating performance - OD sensor is damage customer is getting coating performance on visually
Rate 2.2 O.D. 630 m/min
Uniformity +- 5%

Chiller specification - (chiller not part of the deal)
Cooling medium Water/glycol
Minimum temperature -15C
Temperature uniformity 1C
Standby temperature +20C
Reheat time To +20C in 5 min
Chiller control - Healing and cooling cycles are automatically controlled for reduced supervision

Average power consumption 188 kW
Standbypower consumption 70 kW

Refurbished Details:
- All Thyristor Change In Year 2018. Make : Advance Energy
- 1 Booster Pump Change In 2021. Make : Leybold
- 1 Root Pump Change In 2021. Make : Leybold
- PLC, Drives & Control : Siemens S7 With simoreg drives for the machine and process control, via supervision PC.
The evaporation boats are controlled by a separate cabinate with advance energy. (Update new all in year – 2018)

Other Details:

Rebuild: 2018

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Frequency: 50 Hz

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Metallizer - GENERAL VACUUM EQUIPMENT - K4000-1250 - Ref.300044571

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