Used ELECSTER EA10800/UHT EL 6300 of 2010 for sale

2010 | Ref.: 300044596

Bag filling machine ELECSTER, The team at MachinePoint is constantly looking for the best offer of machinery all over the world in order to offer our clients attractive and quality machinery.

Data Sheet of Used ELECSTER EA10800/UHT EL 6300

Ref.: 300044596

Year: 2010


For sale

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output: 10800 U/h
  • Volume (Max): 1000 ml
  • Volume (Min): 200 ml

Other Specifications:

Aseptic Bag Filling Machine ELECSTER EA-10800/UHT EL6300

Package size 0,2 - 1 L.
Cycles by Sept. 2022: 64548460


Aseptic system UHT 2010 EL6300
- Heating source indirect steam,
- Tubular system, Max temp 140, 3-4 sec.
- Aseptic capacity 6300 l/h,
- Control panel,
- Homogenizer APV R37-45

Bag Filling Machine Elecster EA-10800 from 2010
- Bag size 0.2-1 L.
- Capacity 10800uph for 0.2-0.5L, 9000uph for 0.5-1.0L

The equipment is installed.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown in dry cycle


Final Products: Milk

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Bag filling machine - ELECSTER - EA10800/UHT EL 6300 - Ref.300044596

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