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Used Label flexo printing machines: MARK ANDY Digital One of 2017 Number Of Colours: 4

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Label flexo printing machines - MARK ANDY - Digital One

Data Sheet of Used MARK ANDY Digital One

Ref.: 300044601


Year: 2017

Other Specifications:

Machine revised by Mark Andy in October 2022.

Press & Print Width 13 inch (330 mm) max web width 7 inch (178 mm) min web width
(4.5 inch (114 mm) min web width roll-to-roll)
12.5 inch (318 mm) digital print width
13 inch (330 mm) flexographic print width

Substrates Pressure sensitive stock (paper, BOPP,
PET, PP), unsupported paper, tag stocks;
no priming required

Thickness 60 - 250 micron
.0023 inch (.06 mm) min
.010 inch (.25 mm) max

Digital Image Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi native

Flexo Repeat Range 7 - 18 inch (178 - 457 mm)
47 inch (1195 mm) banner mode

Die Repeat 8.5 inch (216 mm) min
18 inch (457 mm) max

Printing Speed 44 fpm (13.5 mpm), 62 fpm (18.9 mpm)

Color Management 4 color process CMYK, hybrid spot with
in-line flexo

Curing & Drying Air cooled UV LED

Unwind Capacity 30 inch (762 mm), core size: 3 inch (76 mm)

Rewind Capacity Dual, max 16 inch (406 mm)
Single, max 18 inch (457)
core size: 3 inch (76 mm)

Parts are included in machine:
Toners: 3Y, 6K, 4M, 4C
4x charge corona unit
4x drums
2x fuser belt
1x belt cleaning blade
3x 2nd transfer upper roll
1x fusing roll
2x setting toner No 2
1x set of steal gears for Konica Minolta printing unit
1x sheet one assy
1x suction dustproof filter
1x 2nd transfer earth plate
1x set of fuser heat insulting sleeves
2x waste toner
+ used Fuser Unit system working well
3x Teknek cleaning rolls (web cleaning system)

+ Magnetic Cylinders from Rotometal company
87 T
114 T
120 T
134 T
2x like new anilox rolls from Cheshire
80 L/cm —> 8cm3/m2 hexagonal
120 L/cm —> 10cm3/m2 hexagonal
1x used anilox roll (very good condition) 140 L/cm —> 6 cm3/m2 (hexagonal)