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Used Complete PET filling line for still water: NORLAND BF 5000 of 2007

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Complete PET filling line for still water - NORLAND - BF 5000

Data Sheet of Used NORLAND BF 5000

Ref.: 300044611


Year: 2007

Other Specifications:

Complete filling line for still water Norland

Blow molding machine Norland BM 3000 from 2010

Includes loader and unloader with compressor system

Filler- Norland BF 5000- 2010- bottle size range from 350ml to 1,5L with 16 head filler

Rinser- Norland BR 5000

Capper- Norland C 5000

Labeler- PS 5000- Linear pressure sensitive Labeler

Case packer- Norland Case Pak 5000

Shrink Wrapper with tray- EPET SAB 2 LX- 600

Line is still in production and is available immediately!