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Used Laminators: COMEXI CL130 of 2003

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Laminators - COMEXI - CL130

Data Sheet of Used COMEXI CL130

Ref.: 300044648


Year: 2003

Other Specifications:

Owner is using machine for flexible films from 15mu to 200mu

The band materials most used to combine and form compounds are:
Polyester (PET, PETP), polyamide (Cast CPA, Directed OPA), polyethylene (low density LDPE, medium density MDPE, high density HDPE), polypropylene (Cast CPP, Directed OPP), cellophane, paper, PVC “ethyl vinyl acetate” (EVA), aluminium film and “polystyrene” (PS).
Working width: Advertised as 1300mm but sleeves they have go up to 1030mm

Consisting off :

Primary unwinder (adhesive application) + web guide
Secondary unwinder + web guide

Coating section:
Feed roller
Steel feed roller
Dosing roller (with interchangeable rubber sleeve)
Chrome-plated applicator roller
Rubber-covered pinch roller

Laminator section:
Chrome steel laminator roller
Laminator roller covered with rubber

Rewinder + tension control

Nordmeccanica World Mixer
Vetaphone Corona-Plus Ozone-Eliminator Type OZ-5
Web guide equipment : BST (module FVG 1000)

Installed power: 100A

Sleeves included: 415, 420, 428, 430, 440, 460, 480, 485, 490, 500, 515, 540, 557, 590, 600, 657, 668, 680, 700, 740, 786, 800, 830, 840, 870, 875, 900, 990, 1010, 1030
Comments: heaters may need maintenance, edge guide system on unwinder 1 need repair.