Used TEAMTECHNIK MASCHINEN UND ANLAGEN GMBH 130MW solar panel production line of 2017 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used TEAMTECHNIK MASCHINEN UND ANLAGEN GMBH 130MW solar panel production line

Ref. : 300044711

Technical Specifications:

Description: PV Solar panel production line

Other Specifications:

Line was producing up to 250 panels in 8 hours: 72-cell panels, solar cell size 1.98 x 1 m.
Power per panel: 400 watt
Number of cells in panel: 72 pcs.
Type of cells: mono perc
Number of busbars: 5 bb

Automatic glass loading machine: brand RIMAS
Glass washer: brand RIMAS
Foil cutter: brand ROBUST
Conveyor belt into stringer: brand RIMAS
2 x Stringer TEAMTECHNIK TT2100
- cell buffer
- fluxing of cells
- cell handling with robot
- feeding of ribbons
- transfer of ribbons and hold-down device
- string transport
- ir-light welding
- loading back of hold down device units
- back transfer of hold down device
- flipping station for string
- base frame with safety guarding for stringer
- control unit
Layup system - basic
- robot system
- trays for strings
- glass feeding and positioning
- safety guarding for layup
- control cabinet for layup
Automatic soldering machine: brand ATN XBUS-l13
Repair tables: brand RIMAS
Automatic eva + back sheet placement machine: ROBUST
Electroluminescence (EL) Tester
Laminate load section: RIMAS
2x BURKLE laminator
- infeed belt conveyor
- single opening lamination press step 1
- stand for the vacuum pumps, incl. roots blower
- heating unit
- single opening lamination press step 2
- heating unit
- belt conveyor for lamination presses
- cooling unit
- outfeed belt conveyor
- thermal oil piping and insulation
- piping for vacuum
- safety fence
- plc control
- remote service system
- process control system
Laminate unload section: RIMAS
Framer: RIMAS
Led tester
Feed out conveyor belt for final cleaning and inspection: RIMAS
Electroluminescence (EL) Tester (Inline solar panel EL scanner): brand ASIC

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

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