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Used Label flexo printing machines: GALLUS ECS 340 of 2016

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Label flexo printing machines - GALLUS - ECS 340

Data Sheet of Used GALLUS ECS 340

Ref.: 300045527


Year: 2016

Other Specifications:

Winder with elevator
Single-sided corona treatment
Double-sided web cleaning
7 x base
9 x flexo
1 x ink pump
22 x rake chambers
8 x passive anti-static strip
1 x cold foil
1 x laminator
1 x delam/relam
1 x extended belt on third unit for blank
1 x rail on machine
1 x additional colour on tail side
E&L video control
1 x rewinder with elevator
Cutting with 3 roller knives
9 x UV drying
1 x longitudinal self-registration
9 x register sensor
Rotary die cutter, hydrojack
Standard bevel
1 x cooler

Second pass option (inseting)*
Add-on for peel-off label production
132 moulding rolls: 82;88;90,92;100;104,112,119,120,124,132,135,144jest
11 rollers,150 are 3 rollers,156,160 are 1 roller, total 132 moulding rollers.
27 aniloxes all.
12 magnetic rollers.