Used PROTECNOS PTZ 400 Premium EcoTech of 2019 for sale

2019 | Ref.: 300045952

Injection molding machine from 250 T up to 500 T PROTECNOS, We will be by your side all along the process of buying your machinery, from the initial assessment, accompanying you in the visits, legal and technical consultancy, and defined contracts that will protect you.

Data Sheet of Used PROTECNOS PTZ 400 Premium EcoTech

Ref.: 300045952

Year: 2019


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Clamping Force: 400 ton
  • Shot Weight (Max): 1377 g
  • Distance Between Tie-Bars (H): 760 mm
  • Distance Between Tie-Bars (V): 710 mm
  • Screw Diameter: 76 mm
  • Mould Thickness (Max): 730 mm
  • Mould Thickness (Min): 240 mm
  • Daylight Between Platens (Max): 1430 mm
  • Opening Stroke (Max): 660 mm
  • Ejector Force: 11 ton
  • Ejector Stroke: 210 mm
  • Number Of Core Pulls: 2
  • Dry Cycle (S): 4 s
  • Screw Speed: 130 rpm
  • Injection Volume: 1497 cm³
  • Injection Pressure: 1799 bar

Other Specifications:

new machine, never used.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown in dry cycle

Availability: Immediate

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Injection molding machine from 250 T up to 500 T - PROTECNOS - PTZ 400 Premium EcoTech - Ref.300045952

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