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Used Carton erecting machine: SIDEL CERMEX Box erector - F387 of 2022

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Carton erecting machine - SIDEL - CERMEX Box erector - F387

Data Sheet of Used SIDEL CERMEX Box erector - F387

Ref.: 300046449

Brand: SIDEL

Year: 2022

Other Specifications:

Bag in Box carton erector SIDEL CERMEX Type F387
Construction year 2022

Working hours

Seller was filling wine in boxes but can pack all kind of products

2,5 and 3 L formats

30 pieces / min

For Bib Equipment overlaping flap boxes
CE norms / Power supply 400VAC / 50hz / 3 Phases+N+Earth
High capacity boxes magazin 2500mm
Siemens PLC and HMI
Instantaneous rate > 30 cycles/mn
Conveyor height: 600 +/- 50mm

Setting range :
- Width 85 to 170 mm,
- Length 120 to 250 mm
- Height 150 to 300 mm

Box height + upper flap between 280mm and 480mm

Including glue generator PROBLUE FLEX 240 OLED T7 2H P3

Very good conditions, immediately available