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MachinePoint supplies processing lines for the dairy, beverage and agro food industries which are looking to expand, update or modify their production facilities.

Exporting European Technology & know-how to the rest of the world

European machinery and engineering is renowned for its quality and reliability. The majority of high quality machinery for food & beverage processing is manufactured in Europe, which is also where most technological developments take place and the investment in R&D is substantial.

Good technology, equipment, and efficient process designs are necessary if you are to reach high yields and returns within the very competitive food & beverage markets. MachinePoint Engineering is a leading supplier of customized Beverages & Food processing solutions for the producers of Dairy, Beverage and Agro food products. Our mission is to export high European technology and knowledge at competitive prices.

Are you planning to start a new production facility or new process within your plant?

We specialize in processing and packaging technologies as well as the automation of processes; and behold over 25 years of experience in building, assembling, commissioning and executing turnkey projects for manufacturers in these industries. We have a reputation for the way in which we customize the approach and quality of our installations. We can supply you with anything from individual pieces of equipment, to complete plant assembly. MachinePoint Engineering does the design, installation, commissioning, start-up & training.
Engineering services for food and beverage industry
MachinePoint Engineering belongs to MachinePoint Group; an international operating group providing equipment solutions for the plastics, packaging, beverage and food industries: and has sold, installed and commissioned new and used equipment to over 80 countries worldwide. Our headquarters, as well as our Engineering center for production and pre-installation of manufacturing plants, are situated in Spain. We also have local sales offices throughout Europe, North Africa, Turkey and India, with further expansion plans for Latin America where we already have a strong network of partners.

MachinePoint Engineering aim is to provide processing solutions to beverage, dairy and agro food processors worldwide. We bring the most advanced European technology, solutions and knowledge to the rest of the world.

Our solutions are completely customised and unique to each company. We believe the manufacturing process is one of the main competitive advantages of processors, and therefore has to be customised according to each company´s varying needs.

MachinePoint Group has another two Divisions:

MachinePoint Used Machinery, the biggest European Used Machinery Trader. It controls 80% of the used machinery for sale in Europe, and has collaboration agreements with major Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to commercialize their used equipment. We can therefore add used equipment to our projects and adapt to small budgets. See our used machinery inventory.

MachinePoint Finance, a financing brokering firm that can help you find financing for your investment projects. Please see how we can help you finance your equipment and project.


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