Extra products and services for extrusion blow molding machines

MachinePoint has partnered with a reputable Italian manufacturer to offer our customers spare parts and engineering services for their extrusion blow moulding machines. We offer the following parts and services:

- 3DX wall thickness control systems

They are an alternative to the PWD system

The deformable die ring system provides an optimal solution for all those asymmetric mouldings and complex shaped parts, that need to control wall thickness and where a parison programmer is not the solution.
The 3DX system we market is ideal for any asymmetrical moulding that has large differences in front-to-back stretch ratio. In these cases, a parison programmer does not work because it is only capable of making thickness changes in one axis. When an extra axis of control is required, this deformable matrix ring system is the solution. By varying the shape and concentricity of the die gap you will have a much greater degree of thickness control.
The advantages are many:
  • Raw material savings
  • Homogeneous and minimum wall thicknesses
  • Reduced cooling and distortion times
  • Increased strength by achieving a homogeneous wall thickness
  • Meet UN/DOT requirements, a must for automotive containers and components

    How does it work?
    The mechanized matrix, or core, is one of the techniques that blow-moulding fabricators have used for years to improve the distribution of material, but the profile only modifies a part of the longitudinal area of the container. Often, what is needed is a die gap that changes shape as the parison extrudes. This is exactly what our 3DX system does. The flexible die, made from a special alloy, is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders.
    3DX MachinePoint

    - PLC retrofits for continuous and accumulation blowers

    We propose several different PLC solutions depending on the type of blower and the intended use:

    WMC PLC Upgrade
    This PLC allows control of all systems from touch screens. This provides full control of all functions. It can be integrated with WDM4.0 of INDUSTRIE 4.0 data management.

    PLC for parison thickness control and 3DX WPC system
    This PLC allows to replace the old parison programmers: Moog 25, Digipack 32, Bloc 64. The PLC has a full touch screen with 8 control channels and can be manufactured with dedicated pages to control the 3DX system.
    3DX WPC System

    PLC axis control module ACM
    This PLC allows the control of single axes. Old control modules for hydraulic and electric axes can be easily replaced.
    PLC axis control module ACM

    - Screws & Cylinders for extruders

    We sell screws, cylinder, mixers and screen changers for extruders on demand. Dedicated mixers can be ordered. Everything is manufactured with anti-wear surface treatments.

    Screws and Cylinders for extrudersScrews & Cylinders for extrudersScrews Cylinders for extrusion machinery

    - 2DS parison electric actuators

    We sell a 2DS dynamic distribution system containing actuators for parison thickness control with servomotors.

    Following the philosophy of the actuators for 3DX, we offer any type of 2DS extrusion head systems from 20 kN to 120 kN. These 2DS actuators replace the hydraulic servo piston without the need to modify the PLC of the machine.
    2DS MachinePoint

    - Overhauling continuous and accumulation extrusion lines

    We repair valves, cards and modules of blow molding extruders. We also replace them with new electronics. Examples of our repairs:
  • We repair PLC boards even older ones that are no longer in production.
  • We repair hydraulic servo valves Bosch, Moog and other brands.
  • We repair independent parison control Bloc 64S, Moog 25, Bloc 64,
  • We repair modules Bosch B830303435, 0811405049, 0811405122, 0811405141

    Overhauling continuous and accumulation extrusion linesExtrusion linesOverhauling MachinePointOverhauling extrusion lines with MachinePoint
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