Upgrade your extrusion lines

Enhancing your used machines extends their lifespan, boosts performance, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances productivity.

Improving your used machines will add years to your second hand machines life and improve their performance, resulting in better final product and productivity and less maintenance costs. It will reduce processing time and date back future replacements, making operations easier and immediately start saving money for you.

MachinePoint has partnered with Syncro Group to offer its clients the possibility of upgrading their extrusion lines.

Syncro Group provides reliable processor control products, paired with fast service and support. It is a global supplier of advanced process control and automation systems for your extrusion line such as Gravimetric Dosing System, Conveying System, IBC and lay flat control, thickness measuring system, Automatic Air Ring, Supervisory System.

Contact MachinePoint and ask us for a budget to upgrade your extrusion line.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal, and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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