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Used SIDEL COMBI of 2015 for sale

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Complete Non-carbonated Hot-Fill Line for drinks - SIDEL - COMBI

Data Sheet of Used SIDEL COMBI

Ref. : 300036537

Brand: SIDEL

Year: 2015

Other Specifications:

Brand new Sidel complete Hot-fill line from 2015 still in the box

Designed for producing vitamin drink and energy drinks, juices etc.

The line can be adjusted from 200ml to 2L bottle with a capacity of 8000bph to 56000bph

Line includes:

-Blower Sidel Combi HR Matrix SBO24 HR
-Filler Sidel, Combi HR, SF700 84/36K P94, 84 filling heads, 36 capping heads, Pitch: 94mm
-Molds (Heating by electricity), Sidel, Neck: 38mm, 600ml, 24cavities+1backup cavity
-Dumper TS21B
-Stainless steel platform in upsteam line Sidel
-Cap feeder Gebo, Aidlin24
-Cap air conveyor Gebo, Flat top, 20m
-Container inspector HEUFT, Spectrum VX
-Over pressure roof
-Bottle Dryer after filler EWL, 650P
-Bottle Dryer before and after sleeve labeller x4: EWL, 650
-Sleeve labeller x2: Dasesing, DSVC-450P2
-Label inspection x2: HEUFT, Finalview FO
-Titling conveyor, Geachung, YTST, W1000T-24M-A105*2
-Cooling Tunnel, Geachung, GCCL, 22.5M5T-4.5M
-Carton packer with UGO system: OCME, N65C
-Palletizer OCME, LF2C
-Weight Check x1: M.T, C1200ETO
-Wrapper Machine Robopac, HELIX 3
- Bottle Conveyor x1: F&P
- Case Conveyor x1: F&P
- Stainless steel cross bridge in downstream line Sidel

Includes installation and guarantee

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