Used CHUM POWER CPSB TS4000 of 2014 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used CHUM POWER CPSB TS4000

Ref. : 300037229

Year: 2014


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Neck: 30/25

Output: 6000 U/h

Preform Feed System:Yes

Container Size (Max.): 2.5 l

Number Of Cavities: 4



Other Specifications:

Blow molder Taiwanese brand Chum Power
Model: CPSB TS4000

 1) MOLDING SYSTEM          Clamping force:  48000 kg  Clamping stroke:  140 mm   Stretching stroke: 320 mm  Cavity pitch:  114.3 mm    Number of cavity:  4    
2) CONTAINER          Max. container volume: 1.5 Liter          Neck diameter range:     18-30 mm          Max. container diameter:   90 mm          Max. container height:  320 mm    
3) ELECTRICAL SYSTEM          Total power:  69 KW          Heating power:   64 KW    
4) AIR SYSTEM          Operating pressure:   7 kg/cm2          Air consuming:  2,000 L/min          Blowing pressure:  35 kg/cm2          Air consuming:   5,700 L/min     
5) CHILLER WATER           Operation Pressure:   2-4 kg/cm2           Temperature 5-30           Consuming:  22682 kcal/hr          

include the compressor:

Used AF compressor CE 2A
Water cooling: HEPT 1
Only 200 working hours

mostly never used

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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