Used KF ENGINEERING KF Engineering of 1994 Output (L/H): 7000 l/h for sale

1994 | Ref.: 300037642

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Data Sheet of Used KF ENGINEERING KF Engineering

Ref.: 300037642

Year: 1994


For sale

Delivery time: From date

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output (L/H): 7000 l/h

Other Specifications:

Tubular Juice Pasteurizer KF Engineering, originally from 1994, installed in 1999

Fully renewed in 2014 (pneumatic tubes, valves, sealing changed)

Capacity 7000 l/h
Max temperature 129 gr. C in sterilizing mode
3 stages: heating, holding, cooling

Holding time is fixed and adjusted for the flow required by the Tetra Pak filler, which the machine was connected to.

Pasteurizing via indirect injection.

PLC type: Siemens 5
Pipes dimensions: DN50

Electrical and machinery drawings partially available

Steam and CIP needed additionally.

The machine is installed, but out of use.

Other Details:

Rebuild: 2014

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Disconnected. Can't be seen in running condition

Availability: From date


Final Products: Still Products (Juices Nectars Teas and Isotonics)

Processes: Pasterurization

Application: Pasteurizing

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Pasteurizer - KF ENGINEERING - KF Engineering - Ref.300037642

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