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Używana Linia do wytłaczania folii bąbelkowej: TORNINOVA Power Bubble 2006

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Linia do wytłaczania folii bąbelkowej - TORNINOVA - Power Bubble

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Ref.: 300037885


Rok: 2006

Inne specyfikacje:

POWER BUBBLE 1500 machine is intended to produce air bubble film in 2 or 3 layers. The machine is complete of different forming rollers to produce bubble wrap with different bubble diameters (10,20 and 30 mm). Machine can also produce bubble wrap perforated.
Machine composition:
A) GRAVIMETRIC BLENDING and metering at 4 ingredients, model DOTECO GRADO
B) SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER diam. 75mm complete of: a.c. motor (Kw 90) mounted in axis and controlled by inverter, temperature and plastic mass testing station (equipped with digital gauge and microprocessor), nitrided steel barrier screw realized to plasticize and homogenize the material to extrude, reduction gear in electro-welded box with helical hardened ground steel gears, forced lubrication through motor pump and water cooling, n° 4 thermoregulated zones by means of IR lamps and fans, water-cooled feeding zone. The extruder is also equipped with manual filter complete of no.1 thermoregulation zone and no.1 melt temperature and pressure gauges.
C) ELEVATED PLATFORM for extruder and dies complete of ladder to reach the extruder platform, supporting frame for die with hoist and lateral protections.
D) N.2 FLAT EXTRUSION DIES, with a delivery max of. 1.750 mm, manufactured in a special heat standing steel with variable thickness from 0.5mm to 0.8mm (for the 1st die) and from 0.7 to 1mm (for the 2nd die), complete with electronic resistance (V240) with n°7 temperature control zones. Deckling (200mm.). Connection neck set-up with control zones of the temperature. The two separated dies allow a better control and adjustments of the produced films.
E) CENTRAL UNIT built on mobile structure (motorized and controlled by PLC) in both the directions for the regulation of the material delivery and for the interchange ability of the moulder cylinder. The moulder cylinder is built in steel (with bubble of Ø10mm of diameter) rotating on ball bearing with flange of aspiration connected to the vacuum pump. The cylinder is cooled through internal circuit for the maintenance of the desired temperature. The mobile structure also includes the exit of the finished product cooled both through air and from cooled cylinders. The central group is set on gear racks in order to allow the moving for the departure or the stop of the production through PLC.
F) OPTIONAL FORMING CILYNDER in steel to make air bubble film of 20 mm of diameter, complete of quick joints for water and vacuum.
G) OPTIONAL FORMING CILYNDER in steel to make air bubble film of 30 mm of diameter, complete of quick joints for water and vacuum.
H) THIRD LAYER UNIT to apply a third layer of film complete of nip-roll, welding cylinder in silicone rubber, chrome-plated cylinder, hot-air oven heated by electrical resistances and two position unrolling unit.
I) FOURTH LAYER UNIT to apply a fourth layer of film complete of nip-roll, welding cylinder in silicone rubber and two position unrolling unit.
J) PERFORATING UNIT to pre-cut the air-bubble film transversally, according to customer need (min. 200 mm.), complete of brush roll and perforating roll with titanium blades.
K) TRIMMED EDGE RECOVERY SYSTEM for the in-line recycling, complete of compactor for the recovery of the edge trimmed, internal and external synchronisms, transportation pipes and hopper feeding extruder for reclaimed trims.
L) LONGITUDINAL ADDITIONAL BLADES to split the roll of air-bubble film in 5 parts, complete of pneumatic system to insert by PLC.
M) REWINDING UNIT ,contact model, complete of motorized nip-roll, pneumatic flying splice with blade working in special guide, loading air shafts with motorized chain with supports, blowing bar, automatic reel change operated by 2 forks and 2 air expansion-shafts. The winding is with internal bubbles or third layer.
N) THERMOREGULATION WATER UNIT to set the desired temperature at forming cylinder.
P) MAIN CABINET complete of PC with “touch screen” to set parameters and control the system’s functions.
Q) REMOTE CONTROL UNIT by modem to check the plant functions via phone.

Working materials
LDPE 60÷100%
mLLDPE 0÷20%
LLDPE 0÷20%
Production size max 1.500 mm (trimmed)
Film Layers 1 + 2 + 1
Production speed max 50 m/min
Average power around 110 kW/h
Max diameter of produced rolls 2.000 mm

Required cooling capacity around 70.000 kcal/h

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