Used Air bubble extrusion lines for film

Used Air bubble extrusion lines for film for sale. Best brands for air bubble extrusion lines. Come and find them at our website. Air bubble film extrusion line Torninova
 Brand - Model  Film Width (Max)  Output Capacity  Year

TORNINOVA - Power Bubble

1500 mm 220 kg/h2006

TORNINOVA - Polyboll 1600

1600 mm 120 kg/h2005SOLD
TORNINOVA Power Bubble - MachinePoint

TORNINOVA Power Bubble - 2006

POWER BUBBLE 1500 machine is intended to produce air bubble film in 2 or 3 layers. The machine is complete of different forming rollers to produce bubble wrap with different bubble diameters (10,20 and 30 mm). Machine can also produce bubble wrap perforated.
Machine composition:
A) GRAVIMETRIC BLENDING and metering at 4 ingredients, model DOTECO GRADO
B) SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER diam. 75mm c...


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