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Used machine: Tetra Pak Filling Line TETRA PAK - TBA19 250S

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Tetra Pak Filling Line - TETRA PAK - TBA19 250S

Data Sheet of Used TETRA PAK TBA19 250S

Ref. : 300037967


Year: 1995

Other Specifications:

Complete Tetra Pak filling line TBA19 250S, year 1995


1. Filler TBA19 250S, V100
2. Straw applicator TSA46
3. Multipacker Mariani IMW350-DS
4. Cartoning machine Mariani IMW350-F6
5. Conveyors Tetra Pak
6. Pasteurizer APV SR20 , 3000/1500 (Rebuilt in 2010)

Working hours: 39.250

Only the filling machine is assembled, but disconnected. The rest has been dismantled by the end of January 2018.

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