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Other Dairy Machine Type - APV-SPX ALFA LAVAL -

Data Sheet of Used APV-SPX ALFA LAVAL

Ref. : 300038165


Other Specifications:


Different Brands: Original years not known

Consists of:
1. Heat exchanger for milk cooling type APV with associated pumps and installations, capacity of 10 000 l/h;
2. Two raw milk storage tanks capacity of 17 500 l and one tank capacity of 10 000 l, with associated vent pipes and installations;
3. Plate Pasteurizer APV with associated vent pipes and armature, capacity 10.000 L/h;
4. Separator ALFALAVAL with associated vent pipes and armature, capacity 10.000 L/h, self clean;
5. Homogenizer APV, Model Ranie Blue Top with associated armature, capacity 10.000 L/h, 3 stages, Max. pressure 400 Bar;
6. Standardizer APV with capacity of 10 000 l/h. (Needs refurbishment: the balance must be replaced)
7. Automatic central industrial washing with triple chamber, with capacity of 9 000 l with associated vent pipes and armature. (The whole process is automatic and also includes truck washing, it is managed from management cabin);
8. Process tank for yoghurt production with capacity of 8 000 l with refrigerator, joining pumps and armature;
9. Process tanks for cream: 2 x 1 500 l and 1 x 3 000 l, with associated pumps and armature;

Each processing machine has its own electricl box;

The equipment was installed in 2007 in the same period when the full automaic management in the company has been done. All automation is SIEMENS S7. Equipment is in very good condition. The production stopped in December 2017.

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