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Used AMIS, ZERMA APRO; AMIS of 2017 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used AMIS, ZERMA APRO; AMIS

Ref. : 300040812

Year: 2017


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Output Capacity: 500 kg/h

Material :PET

Other Specifications:

Washing and drying: manufacturer Apro
Grinder, conveyor, other parts: manufacturer Amis
PET bottles in pressed form, up to 2 litre bottles
The producer of the line it’s AMIS Recycling Technology for Conveyor and Grinder, together with APRO APPARATE UND ROHRBAUGESELLSCHAFT mbH for the washing and drying parts.
Input Capacity 500kg/h with sharp knives
Water Consumption between 5 and 12 mc/h, depend of percentage of the impurities. Aprox 80% of the water can be reuse in the grinder and in fiction washer, depend of the water treatment system.
Contamination level is 15 % by weight including paper and PP labels.
Final flake size: < 12 mm
Final surface moisture is approx. 1- 3% by weight

The washing plant include:
1. Inclined conveyor belt which is built in heavy duty version with side walls and with metal free zone for installation of the following metal separator
Dimensions: 10 000 mm length; 700 mm width
2. Metal detector bridge: in case of the metal detecting, the belt will stop and reverse approx. 1000 mm.
Dimensions: 1000 mm width; 600 mm height
3. GSH 600/800 wet granulator
Feed opening: aprox. 636X590 mm
Rotor diameter: 500 mm
Rotor width: 600 mm
Screen size: Ø 12 mm
Number of rotor knives: 5X2 rows
Number of stator knives: 2+1 rows
Drive 45kW
Parts of the granulator:
3.1 Hopper: Special design hopper for conveyor belt feeding with curtains to prevent fly back. Hopper can be lifted together with the hinged upper housing part. Stainless steel discharge trough for discharge to friction washer. Hopper equipped with water injection manifold. The rotor is easy accessible for maintenance and cleaning.
3.2. Rotor: Half closed heavy duty paddle type rotor in welded steel construction with 9 staggered rotating knives angled. Extended rotor shaft for mounting of extra flywheel. Bearings with external outboard steel bearing housings.
3.3. Rotor bearings: Bearings with external outboard steel bearing housings.
3.4 Housing design: Centrally hinged two piece welded steel construction, creating a “clam shell” design. Housing equipped with milled grooves and sealed to prevent water leakage.
This allows for quick access during knife replacement or screen removal.
3.5 Screen: Wear resistant, reversible and replaceable screen; The screen is located over the rotor for easy access.
3.6. Base frame: The granulator, complete with the drive motor (on tension rails) with pulleys and V - belt casing is mounted on a flat frame. The frame is supplied with anti-vibration with pads.
3.7 Pulleys: Oversized to cope with peak loads that may occur. The granulator pulley is designed as a solid fly wheel. An optional auxiliary flywheel can be installed on the non-driven side for additional inertia.
3.8. Main drive: AC - motor 45 kW three phase motor, type B3, protection IP 54, 400 V, 50 Hz, 1500 rpm with heavy duty bearings.
3.9. Safety devices: integrated run down safety devices prevent access to the unit until the rotor has reached a stand still.
4. Elevated frame for the granulator with steps and railing for the installation of the friction washer under the wet granulator.
5. Friction washer type VW 500/300 include:
high speed special rotor, built in stainless steel, stainless screen with 2 - 3 mm hole size with screen surface cleaning device by water spray nozzles
Rotor diameter: 500mm
Rotor length: 3000 mm
Drive: 22kW
6. Heat generating intensive hot wash unit type LW-1000 built in 1.4301 stainless steel.
Continuous hot wash system. Force in-feed screw; rotating friction chamber upper area; drag-overload protector; 8 x vertical turbo agitators; discharge screw
7. Electric PH value control unit
System type Micro-Siemens
8. Caustic recirculation system consist of mixing chamber, circulation pump, piping, vibration screener, collection tank, return pump, heating register, temperature sensors and control and NaOH dosage pump
Built in 1.4301 stainless steel
9. Friction washer type VW 500/200
Comprising of: high speed special rotor, built in stainless steel; stainless screen with 2 - 3 mm hole size; screen surface cleaning device by water spray nozzles
Rotor diameter 500 mm
Rotor length 2000 mm
Drive 15kW
10. Separation tank type ST 50/100 used for separating of the contaminants or other plastics with gravity, built in stainless steel
Dimesions: 1200 mm width; 1700 mm length; 2500 mm height
Comprising of: 2 paddles assembly for material transport; 1 discharging screw for PE/PP-particles, installed on top of the separation tank; 1 collecting and discharging screw for PET-flakes, installed at the bottom of the separation tank
11. Multifunctional washer/ dryer type MFG 35/450
Screen diameter approx. 500 mm
Length 2000 mm
Drive 18,5 kW
Speed approx. 1500 rpm
12. Material transport system type MFG 35/450
Air capacity 35 m³/min
Pressure 450 mm
13. Cascade sifter type CCS 3000 consisting of cascade chamber 3000 x 600 x 350 mm; material in-feed cyclone with exhaust filter hood and air regulation valves
14. Material transport system type MFT 35/450 for PET flake heavy fraction include a material blower with 7,5 kW drive motor, cyclone separator with filter hood and hanging filter bags and mounting frame for discharge to dual big bag station
15. Electric control cabinet: all electrical units mounted in a steel cabinet

Including: Contaminated water cleaning system with disk filter AQUAFILTER and slurry compactor

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz

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