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REDWAVE 1000 SSI/M V192 R/B 2W 2012 技术参数


二手 REDWAVE 1000 SSI/M V192 R/B 2W 技术参数

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生产年份: 2012


状态: 待售

交货时间: 现货



The NIR sorting line for (Fridge) hard plastics. It was using for sorting the WEEE plastics and for fridge plastics.
The line was purchased without compressor.
For Fridge plastic – the purity is usually 85-95 %. It depends of the PUR content.
The machine was originally designed for separation of polystyrene (PS) from shredded refrigerator material with a very small input grain size of max. 100x100mm.
The REDWAVE machine can identify PS, PC/ABS, ABS, PP, POM, PC , PET, PVC, PMMA, PE , PA and also allows to add new polymers.
If you can find a sorting task for this materials (dry condition) compared with a grain size with max. 100mm this could be possible depending on the condition of the machine and specific input material composition.

The REDWAVE SSI sorting system is designed to detect certain plastics in terms of their chemical composition and separate it in a further process step a stream of general material. It is thereby the special application of the SSI-system to sort fine grain and flake material.

Technical description of sorting system:

- Infeed conveyor
The in feed conveyor transports and accelerates the sorting material into the detection area.

- Sensor unit (processor unit)
The sensor system REDWAVE SSI (Smart Spectral Imaging) is equipped with a multiSPEC camera unit used to detect infrared area.
The lighting unit provides the intense light source to illuminate the material evenly.
This light enters the sample and is both distributed and partly absorbed at the spectral band which is typical for the sample (dependent on elemental composition).
The spectral distribution of the light reemitted from the sample is characteristic for a given material, permitting the evaluation of the sample.
The reemitted light is guided to the camera objective and recorded by a special spectrograph.

- Lighting unit
The lighting unit is used to encourage the material to emit a specific spectrum of light which can be used to specify the material composition.

- Ejection unit with valves
The nozzle manifolds and valves are located in the ejection unit.
These valves separate the material through a focused air jet from the main material stream.
Additional pressure measuring equipment monitors the actual pressure.

- Fan
A fan transports fresh air to the lighting units and cools them by convection. This allows a constant temperature to be maintained and avoids the overheating of the sensor and its lights.

- Control cabinet
All electrical devices are arranged in the control cabinet.

- Operating unit
The machine is operated and set at the operating unit. Machine settings e.g. recipes, general settings, etc. can be changed.

- Air service unit
The air service unit is used for:
Switching on and switching of pressurized air
Pressure air regulation for the valves
Cleaning of the pressure air by filter cartridge (40μm)
Pressure gauge

- Separating pulley / outfeed conveyor
A separating pulley is used in two-way sorting machines, while the outfeed conveyor is a part of the three-way sorting machines. The separating pulley is a pulley which minimizes material stagnation because of rotation.

- Passing chute
In this chute the passing material is transferred to another conveying equipment.

- Ejection chute
In this chute the ejected material is transferred to another conveying equipment.


保修: 无保修

运作情况: 不能运转。空转可见

可供状态: 现货

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 8 Kw




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