Used PLASMAC Omega 105HCV of 2013 for sale

2013 | Ref.: 300042300

Single screw repelletizing line PLASMAC, MachinePoint offers their clients all the services necessary to buy the machine: Transport, dismantling, and legal consultancy.

Data Sheet of Used PLASMAC Omega 105HCV

Ref.: 300042300

Year: 2013


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Screw Diameter: 105 mm
  • Output Capacity: 350 kg/h
  • Screw L/D Ratio: 28/1
  • Degassing System: Yes

Other Specifications:

Suitable for recycling PE scrap

Conveyor :
1 x Belt Conveyor 6500mm (L) x 900mm (W) ; 0.75kW
1 Metal Detector with single coil

Roll Feed : 1 Reelfeed 0.75kW ; 500mm (W)

Extruder :
1 OMEGA 105 Hydrocool
• S7 Siemens Control System and components
• Extruder Power, variable speed 110kW
• 10 Zone heater control 24kW
• 1 PL90 Continuous Shredder 900(W) 1000(L) 45kW
• 1 Feed Auger 4kW • Pressure transducer
• Output 350 to 480Kg/Hr

Screenchanger :
PSI Model CSC-116BF
• Screen diameter: 116.3 mm
• Screen area: 4 x 106.26 cm2
• Maximum operating pressure: 690 bar
• Maximum operating temperature: 340°C
• Fully insulated body
• Electric heat with 240 VAC power total 18Kw
• Safety guards with electrical interlocks

Hydraulic Power Unit (for CSC-116/BF):
Includes 4Kw motor, 100 Itr reservoir, hydraulic hoses and accumulator
• Electric with 240 VAC power
• 110 V solenoid control for remote PLC control
• 0-3,600 PSI gauge

FilterPak 200 Control System:
Siemens S-7 200 PLC Programmable Logic Control
To control Continuous Back Flush. Functionally controls piston actuation,
venting locations and dwell times. Includes pressure alarm for screen change
and high pressure protection to include the following:
• 6" HMI operator touch screen
• Stack light system with visual/audible alarm
• E-stop for system emergency shutdown
• CSC cylinder prep for linear transducers
• (2) linear transducers
• (1) 4-20mA melt transmitter (0-5,000 PSI)

Venting :
1 x Modular Vent System
Inclusive of vent unit and vacuum pump

Pelletizer Hc500 Hydrocool consisting of;
• Dry Die face Knife Arm Cassette
• Water Collector Ring
• Cutter Motor— variable speed 1.1kW
• 2 x Water Pump 3kW & 1.1Kw
• Water Tank with integral Heat Exchanger
• Centrifugal Drier (Three Stage) 3kW
• Granule conveying fan 3kW
• Pipework, Cyclone and stand

Electrics :
full integral electrical control panels are provided, housing contactors and protective overloads for all motors, isolator, main and control fuses.

New screw and barrel about 1 year ago + gearbox

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Dismantled. Can't be seen in running condition

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 415 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 210 Kw

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Single screw repelletizing line - PLASMAC - Omega 105HCV - Ref.300042300

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