Juice Compound Processing Line Möstl & ELPO for sale

2018 | Ref.: 300042442

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Data Sheet of Used MÖSTL & FBR ELPO

Ref.: 300042442

Year: 2018

Brand: MÖSTL

For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output (L/H): 4000 l/h

Other Specifications:

Juice compound processing line Möstl & FBR ELPO, year 2018
Capacity: from 2.000 to 4.000 l/h
Manufacturers: Möstl Anlagenbau GmbH (Austria) & FBR Elpo Spa (Italy)
PLC Siemens S7


Powder Dissolving Unit & Concentrate Discharge Station Möstl
- Dissolving tank, 2.000 l complete with agitator 1,1kW, pressure transmitter, CIP sprayball
- Hopper for powder; Hopper for oils and aromas
- Triblender Rotor-Stator powder dissolver 5,5 kW
- Tubular heat exchanger & circulation pump 5-10 m3/h, 5,5 kW
- Concentrate station, consisting of: one suction lance with CIP-station & pump 4 - 8 m3/h

Mixing tanks (2x) Möstl and platform
- Stainless steel tank, volume 6.000 l, complete with agitator 2,2 kW, frequency converter, pressure transmitter, CIP sprayball;
- Tubular heat exchanger, complete with circulation pump 50 m3/h 5 bar; product pump 2-5 m3/h 3 bar, 5,5 kW

Pasteurizer unit Möstl
- Capacity: 4.000 l/h ~ 5.280 kg/h beverage concentrates 5 - 65 °Bx
- Particle size max. 1 x 1 mm

High pressure homogenizer TETRA PAK Alex 25
- Capacity: 2.000 to 4.000 l/h
- Working pressure: up to 250 bar
- Water consumtion: 220-250 l/h
- Electrical power: 37 kW, 380/400 V, 50 Hz
- Standard motor 55 kW with variable speed,
- Control cabinet in stainless steel, including frequency converter

Aseptic buffer tank FBR Elpo
- Stainless steel tank, material 1.4301, volume 6.000 l, complete with agitator 1,5 kW, frequency converter, pressure transmitter, CIP sprayball;

CIP set Möstl
- Caustic buffer tank, volume 3.000 l complete with agitator 1,1 kW, pressure transmitter
- Main balance vessel 1.000 l, complete with level transmitter, CIP sprayball, circulation pump
- Mass flow transmitter
- CIP-Pump centrifugal pump 8.000 l/h (approx. 4,5 bar at CIP)
- De-frosting unit

In production. Available immediately

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate


Final Products: Fresh juices

Application: Aseptic

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Pasteurizer for liquids - MÖSTL - & FBR ELPO - Ref.300042442

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