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Used Thermoformer: ILLIG RV53 of 1991

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - RV53

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG RV53

Ref.: 300043856

Brand: ILLIG

Year: 1991

Other Specifications:

Forming machine
Forming area: min. 300 x 100mm
Part height above/below material level: 100/30mm
Material width: max./min. 540/340mm

Feed accuracy (marked on the skeleton bridges): +/- 0.3mm
Installed power upper heating: 9.8kW
Installed power lower heating: 5.6kW
Lower heater length: 500mm
Vacuum pump power: 40m3/h
Stroke of the lower clamping frame: 45mm
Table movement power: 3kN
Reel diameter (standard model): 600mm
Thermal energy to be dissipated when using the upper and lower heaters: max. 15,000kJ/h
Water consumption for cooling with tap water: approx. 0.7 m3/h

Cutting station
Cutting area on upper table: max. 500 x 350mm
Cutting area on lower table: max. 500 x 350mm
Cutting power: 200kN
Permissible workpiece height above material level: max. 100mm
Permissible workpiece height below material level with movable lower table: max. 30mm
Thread height on upper table: max. 100mm
Thread height on upper table: max. 80mm
Net height on lower table: max. 50mm
Installed power of the cutting net heater on the upper table: 4kW
Temperature of the heating plates: max. 150ºC

Complete machine
Output/minute: max. 20
Installed power with top heater: 13.7kW
Installed power with upper and lower heaters: 19.3kW
Installed power with upper, lower and cutting net heaters: 23.3kW
Air consumption/cycle, with max. strokes 45NL
Operating pressure: min. 6 bar
Recommended compressor power: 1200 NL/min.
Waste skeleton reel diameter: max. 600mm
Material level to floor: 1100mm
Total width of the machine, including control cabinet: 1930mm
Total length including reel stand: 6330mm
Total height: 2050mm

New motor installed 1 year ago
New chains installed 2 years ago

Machine must go out October 2022
They prefer to run on this machine until June/July, but negotiable