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OMSO SERVOCUP 237 / 7 UV 2011 技术参数

印杯机 OMSO

二手 OMSO SERVOCUP 237 / 7 UV 技术参数

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生产年份: 2011

品牌: OMSO

状态: 待售

交货时间: 现货


颜色数: 7

轮辋直径(最大): 160 mm

轮辋直径(最小): 50 mm

杯高度(最大): 180 mm

杯高度(最小): 40 mm



Production hours less than 3.000 Hours
It can print conical pots, flower pots, cups...PS/PP

Technical specifications
Min. diameter . mm 50
Max. diameter mm 160
Min. height mm 40
Max. height mm 180
Max. height Printing mm 180
Taper ° 2 to 15
Max. speed of prod. / h 24000 * (depending on the size and quality of the container)
Installed power kW 80
Air consumption 6 bar Nl / min 1500

The machine is composed of:
Automatic feeding
Loading device
Corona treatment
7 Flexo group
7 Inkwells
7 UV dryers
Unloading device for good cups
Unloading device for defective cups
Unloading, re-stacking with automatic counting
Vision systems
Complete set of tooling with augers and mandrels
Green Box chiller

Machine has been completely dismantled, reconditioned and cleaned :
Change of cooling pipes
cleaning of the refrigerant circuit
new tank was put in the Greenbox because it was punctured
Some sensors have been replaced
11 motors of the 24 stations have also been replaced
6 new aniloxes have been purchased (brand new)
8 more than the ones that came with the machine have been engraved/recorded (brand new)
The camera for the positioning of the clixes has been repaired
New UVI lamps

In a rotary version with 20 mandrels, very precise and robust, the machine presents absolutely innovative technical solutions, ensuring a production speed of up to 400 pieces/min and a very sophisticated printing quality, thanks to the "print-dry" printing system thus guaranteeing a real photographic quality.
"Print dry" printing allows complete freedom in the choice and position of colours, excluding all forms of contamination, by fully exploiting four-colour process printing, without the known limits of traditional offset printing.
This technology allows us to print with 7 colours only decors that we cannot print in offset.
The advantage of this application is to maintain on the machine the 4 colors of the quadrichromy, which is very beneficial for the times of change of decorations.
The Flexo system allows better ink management, with greater coverage than offset, even on transparent materials, by printing a white solid.
We also have the possibility to work with special colours such as silver and gold, and to apply lacquer to the containers with infinite graphic possibilities.
The reproducibility of the flexo system also ensures consistent results, without requiring "expert printers" as in traditional offset.
This system makes it possible to define an experiment plan and to control changeover times as well as possible.
The machine, equipped with a complete digital servo, allows a fast and precise format change, thanks to the centering of the plates and the cleaning of the colors, which can be made in "offline".
The machine allows data recording, which increases productivity even for small series.


重建: 2020

保修: 无保修

运作情况: 不能运转。空转可见

可供状态: 现货




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