Used GHIOLDI Coex of 1999 for sale

1999 | Ref.: 300044259

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Data Sheet of Used GHIOLDI Coex

Ref.: 300044259

Year: 1999


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: LDPE
  • Film Width (Max): 1600 mm
  • Output Capacity: 360 kg/h
  • Number Of Extruders: 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Rewind Unit Type: Back to back

Other Specifications:

Film structure A-B-C
Layer structures 15% - 70% - 15%

Film width max.1600mm
Max output 360kg/hr approx.
(LDPE - 350mm die - 50microns - 1600mm width)

Thickness range : 20-150microns

Line compositon :

1x E-75-AP extruder (L/D 30 ; 75mm screw)
20kW total heating power
0.8kW total cooling power
100kW Siemens DC motor
BDV/75 screen changer

2 x E-55-AP extruder
13kW total haeting power
0.8kW total cooling power
44kW Siemens DC motor
BDL/55 screen changer

Fixed die : 350mm
Air changing device

Dual lip air cooling ring
Bubble guide unit with regulation on axis X-Y and Z
Sensor to stop line when film brakes
Oscillating haull-of unit
FIFE film guiding unit
Corona treater FERRARINI & BENELLI

Venturi unit for trim suction
Electric control console

Changing plasticizing screws the line can process : LLD-MD-PP-EVA-METALLOCENE-HDPE

Tower NOT included

Important note :

The line is currently running with new SYNCRO blenders and SYNCRO “all in 1” system. (see info below *)
The machine offer does NOT include that SYNCRO system but will be offered with the following system they have in stock :
> 2 x Stand-alone Vacuum Receivers for connection into existing Sequencer Control Unit
> 3 x 4-component TSM Sigmabatch blender with Extrusion Control and integrated Vacuum Loading

The seller can keep the SYNCRO system for a new machine but can also consider to sell at an additional price.
In case they sell the SYNCRO system it will be without the suction system from the silos.

*Info SYNCRO system :

SYNCRO installed a Gravimetric Gain In Weight batch blender eaSYbatch series on each extruders (3x)
The eaSYbatch comes with dedicated electrical cabinet and 5,7” touch screen panel for blender, conveying system control,
parameterisation and load cell calibration.
Main feature of Syncro Systems is “all in 1” which means that all SYNCRO machines like dosing units, loading system, measuring
system, automatic profile and IBC control are controlled by the same supervisor of the SYNTROL series composed of an industrial
PC colour touch screen.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 380 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz

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Coextrusion lines - GHIOLDI - Coex - Ref.300044259

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