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Used Single screw repelletizing line: EREMA 1108 TVE of 2006

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Single screw repelletizing line - EREMA - 1108 TVE

Data Sheet of Used EREMA 1108 TVE

Ref. : 300044655

Brand: EREMA

Year: 2006

Other Specifications:

Machine EREMA 1108 TVE- Ettlinger-HG152
First delivered March 2008.

Complete machine, including following components

a)Conveyor belt
b)Metal detector
c)PC 1109 TVE combination with Shredder densifier, Shock sensor, Pre-densification control (water injection)
Extruder with double venting
Touchscreen control
Mechanical input slider
d)Filter Ettlinger, continuous type“ Touchscreen control
e)Pelletising die face system HG 152

The extruder unit need to be renovated on:
a)Intake grooved barrel
b)First section on barrel
c)Bearing TVE unit
d)Screw 1st. section

Working hours: approx 13000

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