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Used Label sheeter - cross cutting: ABG OMEGA DIGICON-LITE SERIES 2 of 2012

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Label sheeter - cross cutting - ABG - OMEGA DIGICON-LITE SERIES 2


Ref.: 300045232

Brand: ABG

Year: 2012

Other Specifications:

Machine with working direction from right to left
Maximum material width 330mm

Equipment specifications and configuration:
Reel Feeder.
- For reels up to Ø700mm diameter, with expandable pneumatic shaft Ø76mm.
- Automatic tension control.
- Programmable stop and speed reduction when the preset size is reached.
- Automatic side material aligner, with ultrasonic sensor for edge guiding.
- Includes adjustable table for reel joining, with pneumatic clamps.

Rotary flexographic printing unit
- Servo-driven rotary flexographic printing unit.
- Includes cassette complete with ink cup; take-up roller; anilox and a cylinder for continuous coating.
o 1 x Coating Cylinder 11" (coating width 320mm)
o 1 x Anilox rollers 400LPI (6,77cm3/m2)
- Hot air dryer.
- GEW UV dryer 140w/cm.

Traction nip and inlet dancer (semi-rotary mode).
- Allows to separate tension zones.

Semi-rotary die unit
- Includes 152z magnetic cylinder
- Includes servo motorized printed mark registration correction.
- Standard distance between die and pressure cylinders 480 microns.

Traction nip and dancer out (Semi-rotary mode).
- Allows to separate tension zones.

Scrap stripping unit
- Section for die waste stripping.
- Rewinder with Ø76mm pneumatic shaft and web breakage sensor.

Rewinding unit with shaft in upper position.
- Slitting module equipped with 5 knives/counter knives for scissor type slitting.
o Lifting and separating of the knife and counter knife automatically at machine stop.
o Includes traction nip to maintain tension independent of rewind.
o Minimum distance of 15mm between blade and cutting blade.

General Specifications:
- Maximum material width: 330mm.
- Minimum material width: 180mm
- Minimum working repeat : 2" (50.8mm)
- Max. working repeat: 18" (457.2mm)
- Maximum rewind diameter: 500mm (500mm)
- Meter counter, number of labels, batches and pause mode