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Used Single screw repelletizing line: EREMA 755 T ecoSAVE of 2010

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Single screw repelletizing line - EREMA - 755 T ecoSAVE

Data Sheet of Used EREMA 755 T ecoSAVE

Ref.: 300045780

Brand: EREMA

Year: 2010

Other Specifications:

Conveyor belt FB 5000/600
All-metal detector
Roll feeder RZ 50 P for direct feeding of the line with film material from rolls

1 EREMA process combination Type PC 755 T ecoSAVE
Cutter compactor drive power 18,5 kW
Cutter bowl diameter 700 mm
Extruder drive power 22 kW
Screw diameter 50 mm
Effective screw length 1169 mm
Screw speed approx 250rev/miin
Heating capacity at the barrel 9 kW
Heating zones at the barrel 2
incl. cutter compactor temperature display
Extruder barrel air-cooled

Shock sensor - Vibration meter
Control system for degree of precompaction
Melt - pressure measuring device
Melt - temperature measuring device
Mechanical - feed slide

Hand lever screen changer CL 104 suitable for filtration of clean production waste
Screen diameter 1 x 104 mm
Sieve area (in production) 85 cm2
Heating capacity 4.0 kW
Heating zones single-phase design
Number of heating zones 1
Permissible melt pressure up to 400 bar
Manually operated

HG 82/1010 hot-plate granulator with water cooling system, complete

Granulate - dewatering screen GS 1010
Heat exchanger
Water temperature control valve
Injector - Conveying fan IFG 10
Cyclone system for bagging