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Used Coextrusion lines: REIFENHÄUSER Evo5 Ultra Stretch of 2018

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Coextrusion lines - REIFENHAUSER - Evo5 Ultra Stretch

Data Sheet of Used REIFENHAUSER Evo5 Ultra Stretch

Ref.: 300045911


Year: 2018

Other Specifications:

EVO 5-layer blown film line
The UltraStretch (MDO) in the haul-off will be removed. Hence the machine will have only standard Reifenhauser Evolution haul-off.
Automation : EVO OS
Material handling : 25 components
Extrusion : 70/70/80/70/70
Die diameter : 500mm
Diameter (fixed) die head: 500mm Diameter gap: 1.7/2.5mm
Cooling : EVO dual-lip/LD
Take-off EVO Ultra stretch (reversing)
Thickness range: 20-200mic
Gravimetric dosing system Number of components:
Extruder A: Main Comp. / 4 Side Comp.
Extruder B: Main Comp. / 4 Side Comp.
Extruder C: Main Comp. / 4 Side Comp.
Extruder D: Main Comp. / 4 Side Comp
Extruder E: Main Comp. / 4 Side Comp. Screw : 70/70/80/70/70 º L/D30
ABB drive with gearbox Melt pressure indicator IBC High Capacity Dual-Lip Air Ring KARAT-K3.3-PF-COM2-500 Motorized adjusting of calibrating basket in diameter and height Oscillating take-off system
Package for Wrinkle Control (4) 2600 CFK rollers with textile sleeves Web guiding system on frame Rewinder: EVO W-P
2 winding stations Rewinding speed: 150 mpm
Gauge control system VARIOcool-5-60 Segmentation of air ring housing K3.2/K3.3 with 60 zones Corona treatment AFS segmented 2600mm
Installed power: 800A Trim removal system
Tower included

Available January 2024