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Used Thermoformer: ILLIG UA 100/4g of 2001

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - UA 100/4g

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG UA 100/4g

Ref.: 300046765

Brand: ILLIG

Year: 2001

Other Specifications:

Max. sheet length: 1000mm
Max. sheet width: 700mm
Forming area: 960x660mm
Max. negative/positive forming depth: 300mm
Automatic bubbling controlled by photocell
Pneumatically-driven top piston, motorized remote stroke adjustment, standard changeover program, digital speed adjustment (7 levels) via valve cascade, automatic clamping included
4 reinforced fans at 22 m3/min
4-nozzle water mist cooling system

BE P loading and unloading unit for working from the sheet stack
Sheet magazine
Loading device with quick-fit suction sheet holder
Double grip control
Automatic adjustment of transport width and length

Sheet magazine with automatic plate centering device by motorized columns, with settings backup, changeover program, motorized sheet strippers.

Upper and lower preheating on loading unit with possibility of mounting a thermoregulated holding frame for working with a sealed box with pneumatic sheet support, "Joystick" upper preheating with 5-zone control, lower preheating with 3-zone isothermal control

Vacuum pump for pick-up of grained sheets

Working hours : 5718

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