Used KRONES Modulfill NWJ of 2012 for sale

2012 | Ref.: 300047125

Complete Non-carbonated Hot-Fill Line for drinks KRONES, MachinePoint chooses the best machinery on sale in the market and we offer our clients a selection of high quality machinery.

Data Sheet of Used KRONES Modulfill NWJ

Ref.: 300047125

Year: 2012


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output: 16000 U/h
  • Bottle Size: 0,2-2L
  • Valves-Filling Heads: 50
  • Bottle Material: Plastic

Other Specifications:

Krones Synchrobloc hot-filling line for juice production, year 2012

Output: 16.000 bph (0.2, 0.33 & 0.5L) / 13.000 bph (1 & 1.25L) / 10.000 bph (1.75 & 2L)
Neck: PCO 38mm
Products: fruity drinks with pieces of fruit/pulp/refined pulp, milk-flavored juices or ice tea/coffee
With 2 streams (2 fillers & 2 pasteurizers): 1st flow for clear juice, 2nd flow for dosing pieces of fruits


- Krones Contiflow mixer, year 2012, 30m3/h, 15.756 hours worked, with a deaeration unit, carbonation unit & dosing unit
- Preparation room, year 2012, containing a membrane pump, UV station, stainless steel Cominox storage tank
- Atelier François high pressure compressor, year 2012, 31.552h
- Krones Vario Flash plate pasteurizer, year 2012, 22.947h: it heats final drinks in a plate heat exchanger, cools to desired temperature and transports to a filler
- Krones Vario Flash tubular pasteurizer, year 2012, 14.828h: it heats the cold product with the upstream fluid connection
- Krones Contiform H10 C2 Hot Fill blow molder (10 cavities), with water cooler, oil heater, molds & preform feeder. 13.658h
- Krones pre-dosing filler, year 2012, with 30 valves for filling pieces of fruit, base frame on Stainless Steel, 24.466h
- Krones Modulfill NWJ clear juice filler, year 2012, with 50 valves for filling clear juice, 24.466 hours worked
- Krones Checkmat 731 FM-IR+L inspection system, year 2012; it monitors fill level of individual containers and bottle caps from all sides, 14.800h
- Krones Linacool C15 bottle cooler, year 2012; it cools hot filled bottles (from 85°C to 20°C), by passing them under cold water sprays, 17.358h
- Krones Sleevematic M 1 sleever, year 2012, 13.711h
- Krones Linadry S2M container dryer, year 2012, it dries wet bottles with hot compressed air before being packaged
- Shrinkmat 4000 steam tunnel, year 2012; it heats the sleeves and sticks them to the bottles
- Krones Variopac Pro wrapper, year 2012; it divides bottles into groups and wraps them with plastic film, 10.162h (3x4 bottles 0.25/0.33/0.5L, or 2x6 bottles 1/1.25/1.75/2L)
- Synco's bottle transporter, year 2012
- Multico's bundle transporter, year 2012, 10.024h
- B&W Solutions HDE 45/1 handle applicator, year 2012; it glues handles to bundles, 7821h
- Modulpac 2AC palletizer, year 2012, with a Robobox system; it inserts cardboard dividers between the matrices, 10.026h
- Palco's pallet transporter, year 2012, with an equipped pallet conveyor attached to the pallet magazine
- Atlanta pallet wrapping machine, year 2012, wrapping finished product pallets with plastic film

Production features:

- No preservatives
- Refined pulp : Size 4 mm, maximum quantity 08%
- Fruit pieces : Max size up to (08 x 08 x 08) mm, max dosage 08% in the finished product
- Full and empty cell : Size 04 to 12 mm
- Milk flavor : Low content
- Brix syrup : 35-55° Brix
- Brix finished product : 11-16° Brix
- Mix ratio : 1+2 ,1+3 , 1+4 ,1+5
- Filling temperature : 85° C
- Pasteurizer temperature : 90° C
- Fruit content : 05-30%

Hot-fill cap specifications: 38 mm co-polymer polypropylène 85°C
Preform specs: 25g (0.25&0.33L), 30g (0.5L), 48g (1&1.25L), 70g (1.75/2L)

In production and available immediately

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz


Final Products: Still Products (Juices Nectars Teas and Isotonics)

Used Materials: PET bottles

Processes: Complete filling line

Application: Hot Filling

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Complete Non-carbonated Hot-Fill Line for drinks - KRONES - Modulfill NWJ - Ref.300047125

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