Used Complete downstream lines for profiles for sale

Get on MachinePoint and explore our inventory of used Complete downstream lines for profiles. Browse our extensive inventory of used profile extrusion machinery.. Complete downstream lines for profiles Tpv Meccanica, Vobau, Lixest, Friul Filiere
 Brand - Model  Profile Width (Max)  Output Capacity  Year

TPV MECCANICA - C 1200//S350

200 mm1989

VOBAU - Downstream

300 mm1994

LIXEST - Downstream

200 mm1994


150 mm2001SOLD
TPV MECCANICA C 1200//S350 - MachinePoint

TPV MECCANICA C 1200//S350 - 1989

Calibration table TPV meccanica C 1200 power 6 kW (year 1989) Length 4 m., pumps no. 1
Saw TPV meccanica S350 power 2 kW (year 1989) max cutting length 200 mm
Unloading table TPV meccanica 6 meters


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