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Equipment financing: how does it work?

“Finding cash is also a question of innovation and combining different instruments”

With long term financing products, such as financial or operational leases and credit loans, banks will look at your financial statements; they will study the rationale and the benefit of the equipment purchase, its cost, your time in business, your credit tier, country risk …

There are other ways of financing your purchases, such as letters of credit and promissory notes, and also specific products that depend on your country’s own regulations.

Our Finance Manager will analyze your case and guide you through the different options available to you, depending on your needs, capabilities and location.

We can help you finance:

  • New machinery purchases
  • Some used machinery purchases
  • Complete Plant projects: from project planning to turn key solutions
  • New projects start-up: Financing 100% of any capital purchase including soft costs like training, maintenance, installation and taxes
  • By re-financing your equipment to get extra cash for other projects
  • By consolidating debt to merge them and reduce monthly installments

MachinePoint Finance also offers to following services:

Machinery valuations

MachinePoint Valuation Services can provide an independent valuation to:

Lessors (banks or leasing companies), willing to calculate the Residual Value of the machine at the end of the financing period, based on a technical audit.

Auditors, willing to calculate the Fair Value of the machine, based on the specialized skills or knowledge of a specialist.

Different aspects considered when appraising the machines:

  • Type of machine and quality of the brand
  • Current market situation and expected evolution of the competitive environment in the market
  • Projections of the future buy-sell spread based on past (real) data.
  • Future location of the machine
  • Mergers and acquisition trends in the market for this type of machines
  • Financial situation of the manufacturer
  • Recent machine manufacturer mergers or bankruptcies

Machinery Repurchase Guarantee

MachinePoint Used Machinery is probably the largest used machinery trader in the plastics and packaging markets. It is also a financially strong Residual Value Expert, with unmatched remarketing experience of used machines, and has warehousing capabilities in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. MachinePoint’s services include the dismantling, packaging, extraction, loading, transportation, overhauling, start-up and commissioning.

MachinePoint Used Machinery can provide a guarantee to buy the machine at the end of the financial period at the Residual Value calculated by MachinePoint. This guarantee improves the liquidity of the market and reduces the risk of banks and financial companies. This services is offered for the best brands in the market.

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