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Used Machinery Appraisals

Experience is a basic element on the decision of trusting a company, for this reason our main commitment is to provide our customers with a direct, tailor-made service, of the best quality.

Our technical team is formed of long trained professionals in different fields: law, engineering, economists …. "truly experienced people" obtaining fast and reliable successful outcomes, internationally recognized.

Why to valuate?

The 16th title of the International Financial Reporting Standards (NICS-IFRS), in its section number 29, it says that …. "Subsequently to the initial acknowledgement as an active asset, all fixed assets must be entered in the books for their revaluated value, given by their reasonable asset value."
Furthermore, it concludes saying that… "All revaluations must be regularly done, so that their book values do not notably differ, at any moment, from the one to be determined at the date of the balance, using their reasonable asset value".
On title number 31, about revaluations, this rules indicated that…. "The reasonable asset value, of machinery and equipments, represents their market value stated from professional valuation".
Moreover, it is compulsory to know the value of assets in order to determine the capital, when contracting an insurance policy, as an example…

When to do a valuation/appraisal?

When facing audits (Industrial assets valuation)
When making feasibility/viability studies
When selling accrued assets
When introducing the International Financial Reporting Standards in your company
When entering the Stock Exchange or financing your company
When contributing with active assets on liquidations, fusions and acquisitions of companies
When transferring properties (valuation and consultancy of economical assets)

Why to valuate your machinery?

Buy and sale transactions (value advice to buyer or/and seller, assets allocation for buyers, etc…)
Crediting deals (leasing, sale and lease back, etc...)
Liquidation of companies as a mater of walkout
Crediting tax liabilities (machinery as payment guarantee on specific debt deferments)
Adjustment of insurable capitals on material damage policies
Expropriation records. Claim of indemnities.

Company Valuations

Active business valuation
Valuation of concealed assets
Market and viability researches of state investments
Establish the market value of companies
Help to obtain the maximum price in a sales transaction with the highest transparency in the process:
- First phase: Inspection of the object, analysis of possible outcomes, market value of the object ...
- Second phase: Promotion among potential customers, escorting potential customers to inspect the object, negotiations and evaluation of the received bids together with our client ...
Valuation of properties when facing rent updating

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