Services and spare parts for compounding twin screw extruders

We offer a wide range of services and spare parts for compounding twin-screw extruders. MachinePoint collaborates with a German company recognized for the quality of its products and its quality-price ratio.

The following spare parts can be purchased new or can be custom-made:

We also offer the following engineering services:
  • Process optimization and development
  • Screw configuration, screw selection and screw optimization
  • Extrusion line design
  • Assistance in the selection of the material for screws, barrels, and inliners;
  • Lab services
  • Extrusion manufacturing assessment
  • Wear measurement

    - Screws and segments for twin-screw extruders for compounders

    German technology!
    Contact us if you need screws for twin-screw extruders and segments such as: shafts, barrels, metering screws, barrel parts, inner liners, pelletizing heads, pelletizing knives.

    Selecting the best material is key. We mostly work with European steels and pay great attention to its applications to make sure we select the material with the right properties, whether it is tiO2 abrasive wear protection, FDA application for food application or corrosion protection in reactive extrusion.

    It is possible to manufacture custom parts according to your samples or drawings. Screw manufacturing is customized for each extruder. Parts are designed in 3D and tested on a virtual extruder before manufacturing.

    Specialized engineers are at your disposal to advise you on the design and development of your screws to optimize their geometry, give you recommendations on dosing, degassing, cylinder construction and configuration.

    Services and spare parts for compounding twin screw extruders Compounding twin screw extruders Services for compounding twin screw extruders

    - New Cylinders & repairing cylinders

    Replacement and repair of internal liners for compounding twin screw extruders.
    We offer both, the manufacture and sale of new cylinders, as well as the reparation of an extruder cylinder. We can replace the inside of a cylinder and repair a cylinder without a bushing. We can also clean and repair the cooling channels.

    We work with two types of cylinders: with interchangeable sleeve and one-piece. We repair them both. Do not throw your cylinder when damaged it could be repaired even if the liner is not interchangeable! If you are not sure whether the wear is significant or not, and reparation makes sense, our wear measurement services will inform you of the state and lifespan left for your cylinder.
    Services and spare parts for compounding twin screw extruders Twin screw extruders

    - Spare parts for twin-screw extruders for compounding

    We produce the following spare parts by request:
  • Side feeder
  • Die heads
  • Blades (from 2mm thickness)
  • Degassing systems
  • Different cylinder inserts
  • Spindles for side and gravimetric feeders
  • Coupling shafts
  • Gearbox for spare parts
  • Intermediate hopper
  • Vacuum degassing domes
    Spare parts for compounding twin screw extruders

    You can choose any steel for the manufacture of your spare parts. Here are some of the ones we use most often:
    Services and spare parts for compounding twin screw extruders
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