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Macchi is an Italian brand of blown film extruders: mono extruders and co-extruders. It is a leader in blown film and plastic film extrusion technology. They have an international presence to serve their clients with an extensive network of offices and representatives. Its machines are used for film production. They manufacture 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 layer film extrusion machines.
Macchi also manufactures machines for the production of agricultural film, which process broadband film for soil cover and greenhouses. They also manufacture winding units that are highly valued by the market, and repelletizing lines used for the recovery of the edge waste resulting from the production of film.
Brand - Model Machine type Year

MACCHI - Coex 5

Coextrusion lines2014

MACCHI - Plastex

Coextrusion lines2015

MACCHI - Coex Flex

Coextrusion lines2009

MACCHI - Coexflex 9

Coextrusion lines2009

MACCHI - Coexflex 7

Coextrusion lines2006


Coextrusion lines2004

MACCHI - ES 65/30D

Single-screw extruder for PE/PP1997


Single-screw extruder for PE/PP1990


Coextrusion lines2005

MACCHI - Coex 3

Coextrusion lines2009SOLD

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